My name is Jan Michel and I'm from Slovakia. This time i live in Bratislava. I started web development during the School with small projects as junior HTML developer. What I do today is templates for CMS Wordpress, installation and upgrade Wordpress systems on the Drives(servers) and development plugins for this system with their inplementation into the System. I'm creating HTML / xHTML templates, web Applications (JavaScript) and repaire old websites(re-design, implementation new functions).

First this Job wasn't a Job but just a Hobby. Everything about HTML, PHP, Javascript and more i'm learn myself. Two years ago i'm begun work as Freelencer for one Man who i'm was meet througt facebook. We had more small projects as for example - upgrade CSS or add one section of PHP or JS code. Latest projects was for clients with CMS Wordpress and so i'm was learning create websites with the Help Wordpress system. Why I do is, because it's my passion.